Touch wood with the iPad BlockDock

Sometimes simple is best.

Just ask Victoria Beckham.

And that's the very reason that we love the iPad BlockDock. There's nothing there to confuse Pocket-lint's little brain - it's simply a block of wood.

According to its makers

"Each BlockDock is hand crafted in beautiful Oregon from Madrone wood. Arbutus menziesii, commonly called the Pacific Madrone is a broadleaf evergreen tree with a smooth trunk, orange-red peeling bark, white flowers and red berries. It grows on the west coast of North America, from British Columbia to California. Uniquely Northwestern, Madrone is a hard, heavy wood with a fine grain and smooth texture. All of these properties make it an ideal wood for the BlockDock."

Lovely stuff.

Priced at $12.95, it's a nice, cheap and classy iPad stand option. It's a shame it hasn't got a dock connector (or some funky acoustics) but for less than $13 whaddya expect?