On a cold, wet Wednesday in November, it’s all too easy to think that life can be pretty ordinary. Thrills could be few and far between. Maybe there’s two for one on hot sausage rolls in your staff canteen or perhaps your stationery order will finally arrive. Who knows?

If that all sounds too familiar, and just too depressing, good old Auntie has a treat for you. Her new site, www.bbc.co.uk/thrillseeeker, is setting out to get the nation’s heart beating that little bit faster by putting us all in touch with the more thrilling side of life.

From local events to adrenaline-filled activities on your doorstep, Thrillseekers will put some wind in your sails this autumn. It’s all about getting out there and enjoying what Britain has to offer, even now the sun has packed itself off for the winter.

There’s stuff for the whole family and for all ages and abilities, so don’t be scared. Take the plunge today.

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