Our quiet obsession with train travel continues, but rather than useful information, today we travel to the very, very dark side of public transport. And no, we don't mean the Circle Line.

Quite what this site started out as is anybody's guess. A bit of harmless fun maybe? An attempt at documentary perhaps? We're guessing not, given the name they chose - www.trainstalker.co.uk. No, this is about comic voyeurism and social commentary at best and serious sociopathic dysfunction and unnerving pubic behaviour at worst. It's a collection of sneakily captured candid images of fellow passengers on our rail and bus networks given (mostly) pithy captions.

Is it funny? In places, yes. Is it creepy? Absolutely and throughout, and I'm not sure how I'm going to feel if I find a picture of me on here somewhere.

I just hope I was having a good hair day...

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