As developer Theo Watson explains in this video, it's still very much "a work in progress" but we have to say that we're very excited by this Kinect/Mac OS X mash-up. It kind of makes the Magic Track Pad seem not all that magical.

Our mind can't help but get carried away, thinking of all the possibilities. Motion controlled iTunes, voice controlled Garage Band - the boundaries are endless (if perhaps a long way off at the moment).

Watson used the source code for libfreenect and adapted it for Snow Leopard version 10.6.3 and added and modified some libusb commands and tweaked some transfer rates. Now if you understand all that, you're more on the ball than us. 

Whether you get all the technicalities is irrelevant really, what is important is that it's very, very clever and very, very cool.

We'll be following Watson's progress with a keen eye from now on, but if you do fancy having a bash yourself at the techno-mash up (and we're not talking Creamfields here) you can take a peek at the code over at