First touted back in 2006, L.A. Noire is the latest in an ever-expanding line of open-ended, plot-rich Rockstar Games' titles and it's edging closer to its release than ever before. Well, a trailer has been unveiled, anyway.

The game fits into the action adventure genre, but is a slight departure for the developer behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise and Red Dead Redemption. Instead of focusing on law-breakers, it asks the player to solve crimes, namely a series of gruesome murders committed around Los Angeles back in a 1930s setting.

However, even from the trailer, L.A. Noire displays the company's trademark attention to detail and superb storytelling ability.

Unfortunately, though, there's still no announcement on release date. We would expect it to be, at the very least, next year - perhaps, even, the latter half. At least then it could share its launch with its fifth anniversary.

Looking forward to this game? Think it'll hold up to GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption? Let us know in the comments below...