Epson claims that its Stylus Office range of printers are some of the fastest on the planet, being able to cough out 38 black and white or colour prints a minute. But that could just be bold hyperbole.

So, to prove their uncanny ability to go through sheets faster than the dysentery ward at University College Hospital, the Japanese company came up with the sort of madcap scheme normally reserved for Top Gear.

Indeed, it hired one of Top Gear's directors, Phil Churchward, to put together a video of one of the most bizarre races ever run: an Epson Stylus Office printer versus a customised Ariel Atom racing car.

The car was customised to house the printer itself, and the idea was to race one lap of Rockingham racetrack in Corby, Northamptonshire. However, while the car would perform one entire circuit, the printer would have to print it via Wi-Fi.

It proved just as crazy as it sounds and, at one point, quite dangerous for the driver. But, for the ending and result, you'll just have to watch the vid for yourself.

What other bits of tech could be raced against each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...

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