The release of a new OK Go! pop video has been a major event ever since Here it Goes Again, the one-take vid where the band dance on running machines, became a massive global YouTube hit. So far, the official posting has been watched a staggering 53,038,948 times.

That's been followed up with huge figures for the more recent This Too Shall Pass (the one with the Rube Goldberg Machine - which has racked up 18,953,890 views to date), and White Knuckles with 7,250,757 viewings.

Now they're back with a video for the band's latest song Last Leaf, but in a departure from the norm, they don't appear themselves. Instead, they've used a Samsung NX100 camera and thousands of rounds of toast, for a stop-frame animation that's every bit as inventive as their previous efforts.

They've also created behind-the-scenes footage using the camera, plus loads of extra clips and interviews. To find out more you can visit - a themed website focusing on OK Go's unique stamp of creativity.

But for now, sit back and enjoy Last Leaf. It'll no doubt be another massive online hit for the band.

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