Sony revamps PS3 Bluetooth headset

Been down to Game, HMV, or wherever else it is that you kids buy video games from these days and picked up your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops? If so, say goodbye to social interaction for the next month or so.

Unless of course, you count the "banter" over the Wi-Fi airwaves with your comrades and enemies as social interaction.

And if that's the case then you're going to need a decent Bluetooth headset - so lucky for you, Sony has just announced a new version of the official one.

The high-quality Bluetooth headset has a dual-microphone design, an in-game headset status indicator, built-in noise cancellation, a mute button and automatic pairing via a USB cable with the PS3.

The new headset is 30 per cent smaller than the old model and looks a bit swankier too with a high-gloss finish and a curvier appearance.

In the box you'll also find a charging cradle that also acts as a desktop microphone, should you require it to.

The new Bluetooth headset for Sony’s PS3 will launch this month in the States and will cost $49.99.

There's no UK release news as of yet, but we'll bring you an update as soon as we can.