Exciting celebrity events are covered by the Pocket-lint Podcast this week. For starters, Stuart has an encounter with Brian Blessed, Dan talks to Dragon Peter Jones about the "trademan's", and Rik disagrees as James Cameron outlines his plans for 3D world domination. Oh, and voice of The X-Factor, Peter Dickson, introduces one of the members of the team as they launch into song. No, really!

Other topics include the Dyson Groom dog hair-gathering gizmo, the natural successor to 80s flop, the Sinclair C5, and the team reveal their tips for the Christmas number one gadget.

Football Manager 2011 is the game review of the week. And you can find out exactly what makes Creative's new headset so darn, ahem, fun.

So, download and have a listen. It's better than being forced to listen to death metal while wearing an orange jumpsuit and a bag on your head.

Please send all comments and suggestions for future podcasts to feedback@pocket-lint.com. We'll read out the best of them in a future edition.

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UPDATE: This podcast (and the previous two) is now also available on iTunes, for subscribers or one-off downloaders. A previous technical glitch has now been fixed.