International readers might wonder why rail sites keep cropping up in this slot with something approaching monotonous regularity. But, you see, that’s just about the only thing that is approaching regular about the UK rail network - there are always new ways to buy your tickets cheaper, quicker and more conveniently being invented, to try to take the pain out of using one of the worst transport systems on the planet.

We invented and exported the train, so quite why our network is the shambles that it is, is beyond belief. As regular rail commuters, we’ve given up getting angry when trains aren’t running – there’s no point any more. Life’s too short to get upset about something that is as inevitable and (according to the rail companies) unavoidable as death and taxes, as Benjamin Franklin once wrote.

So, yet another way to pay less for train tickets is a good thing, and this one has the potential to change rail travel, not just in the UK, but globally. Soon, will be adding European networks to its online booking system. So, Crewe to Cortina or Vauxhall to Verona - you name it, the worst part of an exotic train journey could soon just be the bit before you get to Dover.

It claims you can save up to 80 per cent on some fares and that has to be good thing.

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