Tablet and notebook cross overs have popped up in the past (Eee PC T91, Lenovo ThinkPad X61) but we don't think we've ever seen one that looks even half as cool as the much anticipated Dell Inspiron Duo.

This official teaser video shows the curvy, aqua-blue version of the Duo, with the slick looking UI pasted over Windows 7.

There's not much to gauge from the video, apart from some brilliant footage of the nifty hinge switch that switches the Duo from tablet to notebook instantly. We also now know that it looks swanky in a JBL speaker dock.

The UI for the tablet format looks pretty swish too, with the term Stage being chucked on the end of Photo, Video, Book and Music for easy access to your media.

The Dell Inspiron Duo has no official launch date at present, but there are whispers that it could see a pre-Christmas release. If so, consider our list for Santa done.