We're just over a week away from potentially the biggest game launch of the year (although Bungie, Blizzard and EA Games might have something to say about that), with Call of Duty: Black Ops all set to hit the shops on 9 November.

And, to get your virtual killing senses tingling, Activision has released the official HD trailer showing off some of the best action from the massively anticipated FPS.

Set to the backdrop of the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter, there's carnage a plenty and some amazing looking cut-sequences on show.

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to get eyes-on with an exclusive Gamescom preview over in Cologne in August, and we have to say that the game looks amazing.

Whether or not it's the "biggest video game of 2010", as Activision is claiming, remains to be seen though, as this year has been a whopper for game-lovers.

What's been your top title of 2010 and can Black Ops top it? Give us your thoughts below.