No, not  the homepage for child prodigies and those with IQs higher than my blood pressure,  is a useful place to come if, like me, you struggle with buying presents. (One year I did all my present shopping at Liverpool Street station. On Christmas Eve. At 9pm. Nobody was impressed that year...)

The seasonal dread is starting to creep in already. The manic high streets, the shops as crowded as the Tokyo subway, and stressed-out shoppers showing nothing in the way of Christmas cheer. Why do we do it to ourselves?

But this year, I'm going to sit back, pour myself an eggnog, and do all my Christmas shopping online. This site makes choosing the right stuff a breeze, with sections for him, her and the kids, and even if you only use it for inspiration, it should take the strain out of your seasonal retail expedition.

Mince pie anyone...?

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