Halloween is coming up fast and you can fully expect to see a host of ghoulies, ghosties and altogether spooky shenanigans going on on the build up to the witching hour itself. But let us not forget that scariest of darkened room dwellers, the ghastly geek. They often emerge from their grisly abodes at this time of year, moaning and a-groaning - mainly about JJ Abrams' overuse of lens flare effects on the Star Trek franchise.

They also light up the internet with their fine examples of tech-tastically carved pumpkins. And we have curated a mighty fine collection of their wares for you so that you can get in the mood for a spot of trick or treating yourself.

Games feature heavily, as does Apple and Star Wars - somewhat unsurprisingly - but there are plenty of surprise carvings too. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of bat's blood (or Vimto as we like to call it) and enjoy this vast array of amazingly reshaped vegetables, including the superb USS Enterprise versus the Millennium Falcon by habitual pumpkin fiddler Alex Wer and the painted Angry Birds pumpkins we came across a couple of years back.

You can check them all out in our gallery below.

Should you fancy having a go at this yourself, but have long since been banned from going near sharp implements and/or squash vegetables, there is a free iPad application available from carving kit specialist company Pumpkin Masters. It comes with a number of designs to carve into a virtual pumpkin, making the whole process a little less messy.

Of course, you'll have to sit with your iPad on in the window for several days, but that's a small price to pay for the ease of use. Happy Halloween y'all.