I once found something vegetable-like growing at the back of the fridge in a house I shared with some equally slovenly mates, but I've never come across a herb garden in the middle of a roundabout (Apologies to our American readers - roundabouts are what we have instead of those crossroads you have, where it seems everybody has right of way. It's a bit like a legal game of Chicken. In SUVs...).

But, if you live in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, you're probably used to seeing things growing in odd places.

It's the birthplace of the Incredible Edible story, a local co-operative who believe in sustainability on a scale not seen on these shores for quite some time. They've basically taken over the town and are using any spare pieces of land to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs.

It's an inspiring idea and it's rejuvenated this pretty little town to the point where it's become a Mecca for those looking to lead a more self-sufficient life.

You'll find the full story and all kinds of tips at www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk and you might find it's easier than you think to grow your own.

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