If you think things are hard these days, this exhibition might be a bit of an eye opener.

We've probably all heard an elderly relative grumble about how "we don't know we're born" and "during the war" etc, etc, but have you ever thought they might have a point?

This is a site that accompanies an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London, and it sheds light on the innovative ways that war-torn Brits kept their peckers up with hearty grub knocked up from meagre supplies.

It marks the 70th anniversary of the introduction of food rationing (another favourite topic of the silver surfing brigade) and is a truly fascinating look back in time.

From jam recipes from the WI (no, really) to gardening and allotment guides, it's astonishing to see just how inventive people were.

See how your granny did things at food.iwm.org.uk

We'll never complain about a Marks and Spencer’s sarnie again, that's for sure.

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