To succeed in the already crowded drinks market, you need to do something a little different. Some brands tell you to shove a slice of citrus fruit into the bottle. Some insist on a shamrock being poured into the head of your beverage. And some just have to be served over ice, etc, etc, etc. Gimmicks are what it’s all about if you want to stand out.

So here’s a new twist: a brand claiming to be "anticonventional". That means they like to do things differently. That hasn’t stopped them subscribing to a few online conventions at (they’ve even got an iPhone app), but it’s a bit of fun nonetheless.

There’s video uploads, competitions, a blog and more than one celebrity showing their face (amazing what some people will do for a case of free cider).

We’ve no idea what the booze actually tastes like, but we do quite like the approach, even if it doesn't really break any new ground.


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