VIDEO: Awesome Lego 3D printer

This. Is. Brilliant.

Regular Pocket-lint readers will know that we're lovers of all things Lego. And, of course, we're lovers of all things tech as well.

Combine our two loves and what is the best thing you could get? A walking, talking Lego-cyborg of course.

But, until that comes along we'll have to make do with this brilliant 3D Lego printer, the MarkerLegoBot, which is the brainchild of Will Gorman.

The machine itself is made from Lego and uses three Lego Mindstorms NXT bricks, along with 9 NXT motors to build its Lego creations.

The MarkerLegoBot works via feed system containing around 35 bricks. After designing what you want built using modelling software, MLCad, a Java app transfers the file, determines a set of print instructions and fires them over to the LegoBot. It can handle a number of different sized bricks.

It takes one of the bricks from the feed system, and puts it where it should go, using an axle-based release mechanism to push the brick into its place. This repeats until the model is complete.

You can have a bash at building the machine yourself as the designer has posted instructions on how to do so on his site.

And, once you're finished with that, get to work on the Lego-cyborg. We want one by 2014 at the latest.

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