It's not all bad news for Windows Phone 7. The launch may have been less well received than Microsoft would have liked, but Pocket-lint expects the new phone OS to be something of a slow burner. Certainly, with apps such as Sling Media's SlingPlayer coming to the platform, it'll seem more and more attractive as time goes on.

And judging by the demonstration video that's popped up on the net, the new WP7-toting devices seem to play the slung TV video very well, very well indeed.

Of course, it'll take more than just remote hook-up to home entertainment kit to get the masses to give Windows Phone 7 a try, especially as SlingPlayer is already available on other platforms, but at least it shows the commitment from third party developers and manufacturers to support MS in its current quest for global domination.

Will Windows Phone 7 get the numbers? Let us know in the comments below...

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