Ahh, Florence. It’s a beautiful city full of priceless antiquities and some of the most important works of art in existence. But not everybody gets to enjoy the wonders of the Uffizi Gallery - even if you make it to this fine city, the queues for the galleries can be horrendous.

So this unusual study/shopping site, www.haltadefinizione.com, might be just up your artistic alley if you fancy getting up close and personal with a few Old Masters.

For the first time, the treasures of the Uffizi - and many other famous artworks and manuscripts - including the Turin Shroud - have been digitally reproduced, and you can now examine them in the finest detail that the web will allow.

And if you find yourself falling in love with any particular artwork, you can buy a digital print to hang on your wall. You can get posters, fine art prints, or even a canvas version, and the prices aren’t too prohibitive.

Fine art has never been so accessible.

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