When T-Mobile officially announced the existence of the next-gen myTouch handset, it simply referred to it as the new myTouch.

Not the myTouch 4G due to its HSPA+ powered networking, or the myTouch HD because of the 720p shooting. Nope, simply the new myTouch.

However, the tech industry seems to be calling this device the myTouch 4G so we'll go with that. You can't keep calling something new you see, because eventually, well, it gets old.

So, enjoy this video of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G that reveals pre-Gingerbread video calling, some HD shooting and a nice AV streaming service.

The phone should be out, in the US, "in time for the holidays". UK myTouch fans are unlikely to see an official launch - so it could be a case of scouring eBay if you're desperate for one.

News - T-Mobile myTouch next-gen gets official