This incredible video documents the project of Luke Geissbuhler and his son as they launched a HD-shooting camera and an iPhone 4 into space.

After constructing a capsule for the Apple phone, and a helium-balloon based engine (surely inspired by Pixar's brilliant Up) it climbed at a rate of 25 feet per second to reach a height of 19 miles into the upper stratosphere, in just over an hour.

At this point you can make out the earth in all of her curvy-glory in the stunning footage.

Once the iPhone had reached its lofty peak the low pressure caused the helium to expand so much that the balloon burst and the cushioned capsule came hurtling to earth - surviving 100mph winds, temperatures of 60-degrees below zero, speeds of over 150mph - landing 30 miles outside of New York.

Using MobileMe, Geissbuhler and his son were able to locate their iPhone, hanging in a tree.

It's a brilliant film, with some mind-blowing footage and the good news is that team Geissbuhler is already planning its next adventure.