It’s astonishing just how quickly things change, isn’t it? Not that long ago, you’d have unpacked a new mobile phone, switched it on and marvelled at all the useful and intuitive bits of software that were built-in to help you organise your life.

Then, along came the iPhone and apps became the new currency of tech success. These days, you buy a new phone and will probably spend hours, if not days, loading it up with your favourite apps, just to get it to do the basics. And that’s definitely a comment I aim squarely at the iPhone. (What the…? Still no to-do list app out of the box?)

So now we find ourselves with companies specialising in producing the apps that the handset manufacturers either can’t be bothered to produce, or just don’t think are worth the effort. And thank goodness for that.

Meet This brilliantly named site (who did they beat to get this domain name, eh?) is where you’ll find a nifty little app for iPhone, iPod and Android, which lets you make, share and sync notes when you’re on the move.

You can hash tag them for easy searching and tweeting, geotag them, add pictures and set reminders. You name it, there’s not much you can’t do with any little nuggets of information you collect as you go through your day-to-day existence. You can sync the lot to the secure website and your privacy setting default is to (would you believe?) private, so you won’t suddenly find your favourite meatball recipe, or whatever else you record, becoming part of the internet landscape.

We like this, and it’s amazing what you’ll find noteworthy once you’ve installed it and started playing around.

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