With just over 2 weeks to go before Lionhead's hotly anticipated Fable III hits the shops, the launch trailer has been released showing some awesome action from the title.

Microsoft explains that the trailer, titled Revolution:

"Takes you from the depths of rebellion to the birth of revolution in Albion as you take the lead in overthrowing the tyrant king Logan.

"Sounding the call-to-arms against oppressive rule and negotiating strategic partnerships with the different clans of Albion, the Hero and his fellow revolutionaries rise up to seize the throne.

Xbox worked with renowned visual effects guru Psyop on the clip, with music by The Black Angels supplying the backdrop.

You'll be able to buy Fable III for £49.99 on 29 October (3 days earlier in the US). A limited collector’s edition will also be available for £59.99 which comes with bonus features such as a new quest, exclusive in-game location, playing cards, and in-game content.

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