I knew I was getting older, or maybe just a bit grumpier, when I starting watching the BBC series Grumpy Old Men and found myself thinking that most of the comments made perfect sense to me.

The world’s going bonkers and I’m clearly not the only person thinking it’s clearly full of mad people and maddening situations.

So www.worryfriends.com has become indispensable, as it’s full to the rafters with great ideas on how to exact some small manner of revenge on the crazy world around us. If you take some small pleasure in making people around you just a little embarrassed or uncomfortable, you’re going to love this.

Some of the suggestions are genius in their mischievousness, and some of them might get you arrested, but if your sense of humour stretches to the darker, subversive and slightly more absurd side, you might appreciate the sentiments on display here.

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