In the the shadow of the Windows Phone 7 launch, Modu Mobile has revealed a new Brew-based handset, called the Modu T.

On its own the Modu appears to be rather un-inspiring, however with the introduction of a few add-ons it takes on a completely different aspect. The selling point with the Modu phone is that you can modify it through various modular accessories - hopefully providing that all-important little something for everyone.

A 5-megapixel casing will let you "camerafy" it, whilst a add-on QWERTY keyboard will let you "textify" it - there's plenty of other mod-ons ranging from an exercise armband to a combo speaker dock, all using the super-clever -fy play on words.

The Modu T, apparently the world's lightest touchscreen phone, may well be given a Android injection in the form of the Modu W some time in the future. Something which will get Android fans' pulses racing.

We'll be sure to let you know about the Android variant as soon as we get details.

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