And here we are 20 podcasts on. How that happened, we aren't so sure, but we can say that we've got plenty to talk about, with Dan, Chris and Stuart chewing the tech fat of the week.

Included subjects in this PL Podcast are Skype on Android, Google TV, Apple TV; everything TV, in fact. Plus, Facebook groups and what we think of them.

If that wasn't enough to get you excited, Dan shakes his fists at the youth of today, and talks about the latest trend in tailoring - using an iPad.

Beyond news we find out what toys Chris has been playing with in his reviews laboratory and what we expect from the Windows Phone 7 launch.

Excited? Of course you are. Now be a good reader and press the download button below straight away.

Listen, gestate and spring forth new ideas as we impregnate your minds. We promise we’ll respect you in the morning. All comments and suggestions to

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