For generations of Americans, The Gap has been the place to go to get your wardrobe basics - jeans, T-shirts, khaki trousers. It’s a simple formula that has seen them rise from a humble San Francisco denim outfit to a global retailing empire.

When it first arrived on European shores, many scoffed and said that us Continental types (we Brits include ourselves when it suits) simply wouldn’t be interested in the simple styling and, let’s be frank, somewhat staid image.

But interested we were, and continue to be. So it’s been something of a surprise that we’ve had to wait so long for - the online store from the clothing giant.

There’s nothing particularly special about the shopping experience offered, but it’s one good way to stock up on those essential layering pieces as the nights draw in. There’s free delivery for UK orders over £50 as a sort of welcome to a brave new (khaki-colored) online world.

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