Curry's has just announced that it will be selling the first 50-inch 3DTV package for under a grand, £999, something your overdraft won't necessarily thank you for, but you might just be able to keep your home.

As Sky and Virgin media have begun to role out 3D content, we should now see an increasing amount of 3D films, sports events and TV shows being beamed across the airwaves, ready to be picked up by 3D TVs across the land - so this seems like a timely offer.

The package consists of Samsung 50C680 3DTV, a 3D Blu-ray player worth £199 and two free pairs of 3D glasses.

As Phil Samuels, category director for Consumer Electronics at Currys said: “Put simply, when it comes to 3DTV this package offers customers the biggest bang for their bucks on the high street. Importantly, we need to ensure that our customers understand that what they are getting when they buy at 3DTV is excellent quality 2D viewing with the addition of a fantastic 3D cinema experience".

The offer is running in over 450 Currys and PC World stores around the UK.

More details can be found on the Currys website.

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