Want a 13.5-minute YouTube video on the new, yet to be officially announced Samsung i8700 (Omnia 7) Windows Phone 7 handset? Of course you do, and that's what one cunning spy has managed to get.

A video of the new phone, expected to be unveiled on Monday at the launch of Windows Phone 7 in London, has turned up online for all to see.

The picture quality isn't great, but if you are willing to sit through the silent movie shot in French, then you'll learn two things. One, you've seen most of this stuff before on numerous other leaked video walkthroughs, and two that's one hairy arm.

Other than that, there isn't much to report home other than the whiff of something that looks like a custom Samsung hub; similar to the HTC hub we've seen on other leaked videos which includes stuff like weather, stock prices and other boring things.

Don't worry, if you haven't got 13 minutes you can watch this on fast forward.