Welcome one and all, ladles and jellyspoons to the 19th Pocket-lint podcast known affectionately to us as Podcast 19. This week we’ve sent news editor Rik off to Paris to investigate the French word for “genuinely” and in the mean time you’re in the capable, hot, sticky, hosting hands of chief editor and editor-in-chief, one Stuart Erasmus Miles. 

Joining Big Stu is king of the reviews Chris Hall and the one and only Dan Sung, and together this technology trio chew the fat, masticate the mutton and very nearly do something unspeakable to a bishop as they discuss tablets, traffic and sex chess.

So, join us on your journey to work or wherever you may be as we uncover the very latest goings on in the gadget world and get really quite deeply philosophical on whether or not there really is any need for an iPad.

Listen, gestate and spring forth new ideas as we impregnate your minds. We promise we’ll respect you in the morning. All comments and suggestions to feedback(at)pocket-lint.com.

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