Like most things, the art world can be pretty difficult to break into. For starters, it’s so subjective: Tracey Emin’s dirty knickers are somehow worth millions when they’re thrown on the floor, for just one ridiculous example.

Yet there are millions of talented people out there, who don’t get the exposure or the opportunity to sell their wares.

Sites like this one have popped up in recent years to redress the balance. It features up and coming artists specialising in all kinds of different media. There are painters, photographers, digital artists and everything from landscapes to contemporary erotic portraiture (steady people).

You can really connect with the artists here too - not something you can do in your average gallery.

So, if you’re in the market for something to hang on your wall, an aspiring artist, or just want to see what’s current in the ever-changing world of art, give Galleries Online a try.

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