Hard to believe, but the 10:10 campaign to reduce carbon emissions has had to withdraw an innovative short film, by none other that Richard Curtis, due to a serious sense of humour failure.

The film (easily found on YouTube and other video sites) was called No Pressure and featured famous faces getting the message across in what can only be described as an explosive way.

It was bold, provocative and very, very funny, but some people didn't like it, so 10:10 have had to pull it.

We reckon some people might have missed the point; it was designed to provoke a reaction to remind people that the issue of climate change isn't going away and it certainly did that. It also raised a few laughs during its all too short tenure.

Thankfully, because of the Internet, it will live forever and continue to raise awareness of a global campaign in a slightly more subversive way than had been planned. And as the Irish dramatist Brendand Behan said, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

You can see the apology at 10:10, but that's not the only reason to visit this site. It's loaded with everything you need to know about the campaign.

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