Microsoft has released a video that shows the optimum settings for getting the best out of your Kinect system.

The short version is that you're going to need a fairly big, and clutter free space that is evenly lit, and you'll be best off putting your Kinect camera in a quiet place.

So, no lamps, no mess, no noise and a big clear space. Not quite sure how that's going to work out in the average British living room.

The video is a guide to getting the optimum settings though, although the advice that you'll want 6-8 feet of space in front of the Kinect may be a serious worry for Xbox 360ers.

However, we've had a bash at various venues including a very noisy and compact space, with very uneven lighting, over at a pre-Gamescom event in Cologne, and it seemed to work fine.

Are you excited about the Kinect launch? Will it take the Xbox to the next level, or is it purely a novelty item? Give us your thoughts below.