Gameloft releases its sequel to the iPhone game sensation Gangstar: West Coast Hustle tomorrow (23 September 2010), and, like its predecessor, Gangstar: Miami Vindication owes a lot to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This time, GTA: Vice City offers inspiration.

Based in Miami, the new iPhone app even improves on its prequel by allowing the player to fly helicopters, ride motorbikes and zip around on a jet-ski or two.

It also makes use of the greater resolution afforded by Retina displays (which nigh-on guarantees that an iPad version will shortly follow). And one of the screenwriters of the superb crime drama The Wire has helped craft a detailed, multi-layered plot.

Some reports suggest that the app has already arrived on New Zealand's iTunes (at midnight), so we can expect to see it on the UK store at 24:00 tonight, for £3.99. Well, one second past, anyway - which fits with its release date.

Superb homage or just a GTA clone? Let us know in the comments below...