APP OF THE DAY: Google Earth (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Although many of the apps that we feature on Pocket-lint are brand new, some have been around for a while, and some have just received an update. Google Earth is one of the ones that has just been updated, and we're not just talking about a few bug fixes - the new version lets you explore underwater landscapes on your iPhone and iPod touch, and it's also been spruced up to include an iPad-friendly interface.

Google Earth 3.1

iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Adding bathymetry and ocean layer content to the mix, the updated app lets you dive below the surface of the ocean (not literally, you understand), where you can explore underwater canyons. To look around, you just swipe the screen with two fingers or you can reset the view by clicking the north arrow on the iPad or the compass on the iPhone and iPod.

As well as the all the new sub-aqua malarkey, you can also do all the usual stuff that Google Earth lets you do such as view Wikipedia articles.

The update has also brought with it support for the new Retina display, which means that if you're viewing it on the iPhone 4 or the new iPod touch, then you'll get a much sharper image.