As promised, the latest software update from Sony means that you can now watch 3D Blu-rays on the PlayStation 3. Obviously you'll need a 3D-capable TV as well, but the big problem is going to be finding something to watch as the current selection of 3D Blu-rays available in the UK is rather limited. There are lots of Blu-rays (and DVDs) listed on sites such as Amazon as 3D, but it's important to check whether it's actually a Blu-ray 3D disc that will require a 3D TV and specs or whether it's just an anaglyphic film that comes with the the familiar old red and green lens. To help you out, we've pulled together a list of what's available now and what's coming soon.

Set in a town where food falls from the sky like rain, this animated feature film was released in June 2010 and is really the only movie that's widely available in Blu-ray 3D in the UK, apart from a few IMAX films about dinosaurs and caves.

Officially the first 3D Blu-ray to launch in the UK in March 2010, this animation was only available as part of an exclusive Samsung bundle. It still doesn't seem to be available to buy individually yet, though we're hoping that the exclusive deal with the Korean manufacturer will come to an end next year.

Yet another animation, this retelling of Dickens' classic fable stars Jim Carrey as the voice of Scrooge and is set for a timely UK release in time for the festive season.

We're not entirely sure why this 2006 film about a domesticated grizzly bear has been picked as one of the pioneers of the Blu-ray 3D format, but we're guessing it must have something to do with healthy DVD sales.

Remember this one being a huge hit at the cinema? No, us neither. But that hasn't stopped it being one of the first films to come out on the new 3D format. Although it might sound like a horror flick, it's actually an animation about three kids who discover that their neighbour's house is actually a living, breathing monster.

Sony has just announced that it will be bundling Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Blu-ray 3D with it's 3D Bravia TVs in the run-up to Christmas. Although no individual release date has yet been set for the disc, we would expect to see the Mad Hatter and chums in the shops for December, as there's no mention of the bundling deal being an exclusive.

Many thought that Avatar would win the 3D Blu-ray race as it's been by far the highest profile 3D film at the cinema. However, there's still no set release date but we would guess that this might be one that's out in time for Christmas.

What Blu-ray 3D titles are you most looking for? Let us know in the comments below

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