NX100 to make Samsung a 'world force' in cameras

Samsung has spared no modesty at the launch of the NX100 by claiming it will act as a catalyst to change the entire camera market and propel the company forward to become a world force in cameras. Indeed, according to Samsung president of imaging, Sangjin Park, by 2013, the mirrorless interchangeable lens sector will outperform DSLR sales.

While the Samsung NX10 had many of the same key features – including the APS-C size sensor – it's the i-Function interchangeable lens system that Park thinks will be the key. Samsung's research showed that people were confused by all the functionality available on the previous model and, now, the idea is that with a selector wheel ring and the i-F button, sitting on it, you can change settings with your left hand and make selections with your thumb while never taking your eyes off the subject or getting muddled with the buttons on the back of the body.

The NX100 was designed with its curved chassis and shutter button and based around the shape of a dew drop falling off a leaf. Whether that makes you feel at one with nature or not, the fact is that it makes the device more compact and certainly different looking from most straight line camera looks out there.

Samsung aims for the NX100 to appeal to all levels of user offering all the manual control for professionals and enthusiasts, and all the simplicity of iScene and iFocus modes as well as Smart Scene modes for artistic after fun too.

Of course, the oversized pachyderm crouching in the cornrer is that Samsung has thrown everything at every part of this revolutionary device with every area of it lavished with elite detail - including the unique super-hard plastic used on the chassis – all, that is apart from the lenses themselves.

We know the roadmap for the four announced at launch - and now a host more - but there was no mention of the quality of the glassware itself – not an area where Samsung is known as a leader. When asked, Park said:

“We are going to be developing lenses on our own but, if a third party wants to make some compatible optics to work with our syste, then they can do so. We can provide the technical specs for the collaboration.”

Certainly a good answer for those concerned over lens quality on both fronts.

The Samsung NX100 will arrive in early October 2010 and cost $599 bundled with the 20-50mm lens and $699 with the pancake optics instead.