The WeTab has had a few public outings now, most recently at IFA 2010 in Germany, but if you're still looking for a bit more info we have this handy walkthrough which should help to shed a bit more light on the matter, courtesy of

As we know already the WeTab will be running a Linux-based OS with a splash of MeeGo -  Intel and Nokia's joint OS effort.

Looking at the video, the "pinboard" UI looks to be running very smoothly, and allows a whole variety of content, such as video and maps, to be streamed to the homescreen.

The 11.6-inch tablet boasts a webcam, a HDMI port, two USB ports, an SD memory card slot and a SIM card slot, as well as a 1.66GHz N450 Atom processor with 1GB of RAM. There's also 16GB of flash memory on board too.

As previously mentioned, when Pocket-lint covered the WeTab before, our only concern is that the homescreen could begin to look a bit messy if not kept in check. All very exciting none the less.

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