APP OF THE DAY: Mad Men Cocktail Culture (iPhone)

We see oodles of apps here at Pocket-lint, and while some can safely be deemed 'useful', others are sadly 'not so useful'. But give us an app that tells us how to make cocktails, Don Draper style, and we're definitely putting it in the 'useful' camp. After all, who wouldn't want to be the handsome Manhattan ad exec who struts around in sharp Sixties suits and quaffs Bloody Marys at 9am meetings?

Mad Men Cocktail Culture

iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
£Free/1.19 for upgrade

Launched a couple of weeks ago to tie in with the start of series (sorry, "season") four of the award-winning US drama on the Beeb, the Mad Men Cocktail Culture app for the iPhone offers a snappily designed cocktail guide including classics such as the Tom Collins, the Brandy Alexander and the Vodka Gimlet.

Once you've chosen your poison, you're given a short descripton along with a list of the ingrediants and instructions on how to make it. There's also a series of fun facts for trivia bores to feast on. To aid your bartending skills, you can view a picture of how your drink should look and there's even a screen that brings up a virtual glass which you can drain by tipping the device. We suggest that you might be better off making a real one though.

The app is free, but if you want to shell out a paltry £1.19, then you can upgrade the app to include a game where you can test your mixology knowledge by picking out the ingrediants for your chosen cocktail, which is then rated, top trump-style, for accuracy and potency. You do have to shell out £1.19 per cocktail though, so we reckon you're best sticking to the free stuff. Cheers!