Pocket-lint Podcast #17 (NSFW)

Late because of leaves on the track, Podcast number 17 hits like a cheese thrown from a moving tube train (something that actually happened to one of the Johns in pop combo They Might Be Giants).

Rik, Chris and Paul undertake the task of nattering about Google Instant, iOS 4.1, Halo: Reach and, ahem, YouPorn.com's new 3D section. And, in the process give the low down on the new Apple iPod touch, its front-mounted camera and video calling abilities.

Rik and Paul reveal their experiences at the Halo: Reach premiere and the entire team reveals what celebrities they'd rather have in their Elite Spartan Squad.

The game review this week is Motorstorm 3D Rift on the PlayStation 3.

So, download, subscribe, or have a listen online, and let us know if you've got any ideas for improvements, changes or things you'd love the team to talk about in the future at the usual address, feedback@pocket-lint.com. Enjoy.

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