Special edition Xbox 360 250GB Kinect bundle announced

Microsoft has announced that it will be bundling its Kinect launch offerings (the sensor and Kinect Adventures) in with the new, slim Xbox 360 250GB....for a limited time only.

The strictly first come, first served bundle will retail at £299.99, which is £50 more than the 4GB Xbox 360 bundle is set to cost.

The bundle will be available on Kinect launch day - which is 10 November - and you'll also be able to pick up more than 15 other games on day one as well, including Kinect Joy Ride, Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

Pocket-lint has had its hands on Kinect a couple of times now, first at the E3 launch and more recently at Gamescom and we're very impressed with what we've seen so far - it really is a bit of incredible tech.

And, with Kinect big cheeses hinting at "core" games and possibly even Windows Phone 7 Kinect-connectivity coming our way as well, it promises to be an interesting few months for Microsoft's gaming arm.