We know. Clamshell phones are so 2002. But nobody has told RIM that, and it seems as if the Canadian mobile giant is pushing on with its clamshell-tastic, BlackBerry Style (9670) handset.

Now, we've also heard that this handset may, in fact, turn up with the moniker - the BlackBerry Flip 3G - although no matter how well they name it, the fact remains that it's a clamshell phone.

Three tutorial videos have turned up on the web which show how the non-touchscreen mobile would operate - zooming on pictures looks like an extremely clumsy affair.

If there are any plus points to gauge from the videos it's that BlackBerry 6 seems to be on board, and the display on the front screen can be operated with the side keys. But that's about it we're afraid.

There's no planned release date for the BlackBerry Style as of yet, but we can guarantee you one thing:

RIM will have these videos taken down faster than you can say - "Who the hell is going to want a clamshell in this day and age?" So get watching as soon as you can.