Mr Potato Head has worn many guises over the last couple of decades including plenty that offer a more geeky appeal to the proceedings. The latest is as Homer Simpson in a new tie-up between Hasbro and Fox to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons this year.

We know how Mr. Potato Head likes to dress up, change his appearance and generally have fun, but what does Mr Potato Head's fancy dress wardrobe look like when he wants to go "Geek".

Here are the best official offerings for Mr Potato Head the geek:

Based on Tony Stark from the Iron Man series, this tough tuber is ready to save the world - no matter how goofy he looks. As Hasbro says "Can your new buddy still mash bad guys with eyes and lips where his ears should be? You’d better believe it!"

Super hero or not, the potato body comes with two ears, one set of eyes, one nose, one set of teeth, two arms, one pair of boots, one helmet and one chest plate accessory.

One for the Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 fan, while Mr Potato Head starred in the movies himself, this is him donning the Buzz Lightyear garb for himself, allowing to you have fun in only the way Mr Potato Head could.

The potato body comes with one pair of eyes, one nose, one set of teeth, two arms, one chest piece, one visor, one jetpack, one back plate and one pair of shoes.

Toy Story and Iron Man not your thing? Then perhaps Michael Bay's Transformers starring Mr Potato Head is. Pretending to be the Autobot leader, it really is a potato in disguise especially when you start to mix around the pieces.

The Potato body comes with mix and match Optimash Prime and potato parts.

If there's too much pressure being the hot potato, then you can always opt to play the sidekick instead.

This fry guy is ready to do battle. The Potato body comes with one pair of eyes, nose, teeth, two ears, right arm, left arm, mouthpiece, chest plate, right door, left door, and one pair of shoes.

Enough of Transformers, what you need is some Star Wars action, and thankfully if you're a Star Wars fan, Mr Potato Head has you covered in more ways than one. On the Empire side that means dressing up as a Clone trooper, wielding his mighty masher in half-baked battles across the galaxy.

The potato body comes with one pair of eyes, nose, two ears, right arm, left arm, helmet, "laser" masher, face plate, one set of teeth and one pair shoes".

As any advert for Jersey potatoes will tell you there are potatoes and then there are potatoes. If a clone tuber isn't your style you'll want the original soldier of the Empire - the Spud Trooper.

If you haven't guessed it by now, Spud Trooper is based on the Storm Trooper from Star Wars. Looks like the Rebel Alliance must flee to keep from getting fried. The potato body comes with nose, set of eyes, set of teeth, two ears, Spud Trooper face mask, set of Spud Trooper shoes, Spud Trooper helmet, two arms, "laser" masher and shoulder pad.

Enough of these minions, if you are going to dress up as the bad guy from Star Wars you might as well go full hog and give people a good roasting. While we've seen fans create Darth Maul, it's Darth Tater you'll want to show you've switched to the dark side (read burnt side).

The potato body comes with nose, set of eyes, set of teeth, two ears, Darth Tater face mask, Light Saber, Cloak and Darth Tater shoes.

Breaking from the Star Wars wardrobe briefly, Mr Potato Head likes nothing more, it seems, than dressing up in spandex and pretending he is Spider-Man.

When he's not saving a dauphinoise potato dish in distress, you'll find him wearing a pair of Peter Parker glasses. The potato body comes with a spandex spider suit, spider spud eyes, regular eyes, ears, nose, glasses, web sling, shoes, and two arms.

Potatoes grow underground right? And this is the archaeologist potato to dig them up. Complete with bull whip and gold-coloured idol in hand, this silly character can sport his jacket and fedora.

Press and release the fedora to hear three different short segments from the "Indiana Jones" theme song - or hold it down to hear it play straight through. The potato body comes with pair of shoes, jacket, whip, two ears, one arm, one arm holding idol, one mouth, one set of teeth and hat. Includes two AAA batteries.

We told you Mr Potato Head was a big fan of Star Wars. On the Rebel Alliance side that means dressing as R2-D2. Artoo-Potatoo is the heroic companion of Luke Frywalker.

This feisty droid often finds himself in hot water, but always manages to save everyone's skin. Now, Artoo-Potatoo must help Princess Tater with an urgent mission: deliver the Death Spud plans to her friends in the Rebellion! The potato body comes with attachable droid parts, face parts and Princess Tater figure.

You didn't think that Artoo-Potatoo would have all the fun did you. Artoo-Potatoo's companion in the movies C-3 PO-tato wants some too.

This time Mr Potato Head dresses up as the panicky android from Star Wars. Just make sure you don't get his circuitry fried.

Chewbacca meet Chipbacca, the potato version of the wookie ready to battle against the Empire and do the Kessler run in less than 12 pie-secs.

Yes he is big and hairy. 

"You will be Mashed, you will be" or "Make fries, of him you will" are just some of the likely phrases you'll pretend his says when you play with Mr Potato Head dressed as Yoda, the ultimate Jedi Master.  

Expect the fries, we mean force, to be strong with this one. 

It's not all about Star Wars, you can get Star Trek flavoured Mr Potato Heads too. This set of two Star Trek Potato Heads include a starchy representation of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and his long time Klingon nemesis, commander of the IKS Klothos, Kor.

Each figure includes a variety of components to mix and match and is compatible with each Star Trek Set!

Yep, you get to play with a potato head version of the Matt Smith Doctor Who complete with his Sonic Spud-driver, you can also get the 10th Doctor as well as it happens. 

The 6-inch tall plastic potato has 8 removable parts, allowing you to change the Doctor into other doctors, but sadly you'll have to use your imagination on the parts, Sylvester McCoy's scarf isn't included. 

If you've got the goodie you've got to get the baddie too right? That's presumably the thinking here with the Mr Potato Head Dale. A 7-inch model that you can you to turn others into mash.

This model comes with detachable pieces to build Mr. Potato Head his tank-like Dalek protective shell. Extermi-tater. 

By this point Hasbro has given up with the cute spud or potato based name spins and just going for characters they think geeky kids will like. In steps Captain Amer-spud with with his mask, red gloves, classic shield, and red boots.

The dude stands 6-inches tall and is clearly here to save the day. 

With his hammer and winged hat Thor hasn't come from the freezer, but is ready to smash his way through all the other Mr Potato Heads. 

6-inches tall and ready to mean business. 

Fries? That's probably what Wolverine Mr Potato Head is planning on doing to all the other Mr Potato heads listed here. 

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