PlayStation Move - all the games

The PlayStation Move arrives in the UK on 17 September and with it an enormous frenzy to pick up as many games that’ll work with Sony’s motion detection system as possible. Described as an HD version of the Wii, the claim is that it’ll bring more hardcore titles to consoles rather than softer family approach taken by Nintendo's gesture controlled playables. Bold words, but whether the titles themselves look like they’ll deliver is your call. Here is the full list of PlayStation Move games as approaching and slated at launch.

First Out

  • Sports Champion (17/9/2010) - Multiplayer, mulit-discipline olympics-type title
  • The Shoot (17/9/2010) - FPS movie-themed arcade shooter
  • Start the Party (17/9/2010) - Multiplayer party game. ‘Fun’ for all the family.
  • Kung Fu Riders (17/9/2010) - Office chair kung fu adventure
  • R.U.S.E. (10/9/2010) - World War II strategy sim
  • Flight Control HD (17/9/2010) - Souped up version of air-traffic control mini game
  • EyePet (17/9/2010) - AR virtual pet game/Geordie for affirmative
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (17/9/2010) - Club swinging golf franchise (extramarital bonus games not included)
  • Resident Evil: Gold (10/9/2010) - Move edition of adventure horror classic
  • Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz (15/10/2010) - As described on the tin
  • The Fight: Lights Out (22/10/10) - Rough, tough illegal underground fighting sim
  • TV SuperStars (29/10/2010) - Social party game. Take a picture of your head and put it on TV.
  • EA Create (19/11/2010) - Scene creator sandbox puzzle game
  • Heavy Rain (8/11/2010) - Film noir-style interactive drama video game
  • Killzone 3 (Feb 2011) - Epic first person tactical shooter with 3D cinematic experience
  • Sorcery (29/1/2011) - Monsters and mages action adventure


Coming Soon

  • Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (9/2010?) - Cartoon look Orc slayer with tales from the Shire
  • Time Crisis Razing Storm (10/2010?) - Return of the rail shooter
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 (11/2010) - highly acclaimed 2.5D puzzle platformer
  • SingStar Dance (11/2010?) - Karaoke game plus much needed motion modern twist
  • Under Siege (Q4 2010?) - Real-time tactics battle title, Segal not included
  • Ape Escape Fury! Fury! (Q3/4 2010?) - Cartoon primate platform fun
  • Beat Sketch! (Q4 2010?) - Sony’s answer to Mario Paint
  • Socom 4 (Q1 2011?) - Third person Navy Seal tactical shooter back for another mission
  • No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise (2011) - Manga-style hack and slash arcade action adventure
  • Heroes on the Move (2011) - Action adventure with Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper
  • Virtual Tennis 4 (2011) - More tennis
  • Infamous 2 (2011) - Action adventure in sci-fi city as once again you take on The Beast
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling - 10 pin action, as found on the Wii
  • Dance Dance Revolution - Rhythm game original from Konami
  • Dead Space: Extraction - Survival rail shooter horror, as found on the Wii
  • Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos - Alaskan King Crab catcher video game
  • Dungeon Defenders - Tower Defense meets action/RPG cartoon look title
  • Echochrome II - Mind-bending light and shadow puzzle game
  • Grand Slam Tennis 11 - Virtual racket swinger/living room ornament wrecker
  • John Daly's ProStroke Golf - Club swinger from over the hill big hitter, this time
  • Michael Jackson: The Experience - music/dance rhythm game featuring just Jacko’s tunes
  • NBA 2K11 - Basketball sim with all your NBA faves - Jordan included
  • Sesame Street - Unknown style game more than likely with child element based on Big Bird and buddies
  • The Sly Collection - Sly Cooper classics remastered and bundled
  • Tron Evolution - Action adventure video game tie-in for upcoming Disney film
  • Raquet Sports - Another room smasher sports sim featuring five different racket games
  • Tumble - Block balancer party game with good use of graphics and Move controls
  • Zumba - Latin music based dance fitness title
  • Yoostar2 - Insert yourself into movie scenes and play them out yourself
  • Flower - Control the wind, guide petals through the air, hug trees (downloadable patch)
  • High Velocity Bowling - More 10 pin arm waving action (downloadable patch)
  • Hustle Kings - Pool player sim, like bowling but not (downloadable patch)
  • MAG - Massive Action Game, need we say more? Oh. All multiplayer FPS
  • Little League World Series 2010 - Baseball sim. More swinging, less tennis.
  • Pain - Rather bizarre ragdoll and background smasher. Mind your real body. (downloadable patch)
  • Planet Mini Golf - More golf, less swing. (downloadable patch)
  • Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition - More zombie blasting fun
  • Toy Story 3: The video game - Move version of well-received sandbox play game
Tune in for our reviews of the first few titles later today.


So, now that you know what's coming and when, which are the titles you'll be hanging out for, which are the patches you're downloading first and which are the games you might just buy the whole kit to get a go on? Let us know in the comments.