If this video doesn't make your inner-geek sick with jealousy then you're either one of two things; totally heartless, or a loyal Sega heathen.

We at Pocket-lint love the pudgy little plumber and only wish we had the dedication of 11-year-old Oscar Brown, who has collected over 1000 pieces of Mario-related memorabilia.

What's annoying is that when Oscar was born, Mario and the gang were already making appearances on the N64 - a full 14 years after the NES release of Super Mario Bros, and a staggering 18 years since we first saw Mario in the Donkey Kong Arcade game (although he was then known simply as Jumpman).

Way to make us feel old.

Anyway, back to young Oscar's collection - there are a number of highlights. But if we had to choose a favourite we'd go for the Mario and Luigi dungaree DS cases. How very cute.

If you've got a better collection, regarding anything geeky that you think we might like then please do get in touch.