PhotoFast iPADock now available for pre-order

Remember when we said that Japanese company PhotoFast's iPADock was the king of iPad/iPhone docks? Well, we still stand by that. But we also said on Pocket-lint that it is "initially only going to be available in Japan, via retailer PhotoFast". We were wrong...

It seems that the retailer is to retail outside of its native country, and has opened a pre-order section of the English language version of its website, offering "Great Britain" as one of the locations it will ship to. At the moment, the site doesn't say how much freight will cost (well, it does, but we doubt that it will be zero New Taiwan Dollars), but it does state that it will ship at the end of September.

It also lists the price in New Taiwan Dollars, with one dock costing NTD$2500 (approximately £50.77) - a bargain considering that it can charge four iPhones, two iphones and an iPad, or two iPads simultaneously. And that's discounting all the computer-related memory card dockery going on round the back.

PhotoFast is still seeking a UK distributor though (and, indeed, similar for elsewhere in the world), so the more patient among you may be able to order from closer to home in the near future.

We're just not that patient.

Is this the best iPad/iPhone dock in the world? Let us know if you've seen better in the comments below...