Want to know what the future of the web will be like? Well, according to Google it will consist of tens of browser windows opening and closing like you're watching an episode of 24, only on your computer.

Questioning "What would a music experience designed specifically for the modern web look like?" Google has teamed up with latest band du jour, Arcade Fire, to release a demo of what is possible.

Called “The Wilderness Downtown”, the project was created by writer/director Chris Milk with the band Arcade Fire and Google.

Building this project on the web and for the browser allowed it to craft an experience that is not only personalized, but also deeply personal for each viewer.

“The Wilderness Downtown” takes you down memory lane through the streets you grew up in thanks to you punching in an address at the beginning, and the whole thing is set to Arcade Fire’s new song “We Used to Wait” off their newly released album The Suburbs.

For the techies amongst us, the project was built with the latest web technologies and includes HTML5, Google Maps, an integrated drawing tool, as well as multiple browser windows that move around the screen.


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