Stop press! Exciting news has just come out of the Windows blog stating that push email calendar, and contacts using Exchange ActiveSync will be coming to your Hotmail account.

Using Exchange ActiveSync will mean that you can get all your important info pushed automatically to your phone, which will also mea that any changes you implemant whilst on your handset will be mirrored on the web and vice versa - so all very handy and 21st century-ish.

The Windows blog also states that: "If you use an email client on your PC that already syncs with Hotmail, like Outlook with the Outlook Connector or Windows Live Mail, what you do on your phone will show up there as well, delivering a seamless experience for managing your stuff between your PC email client, your browser, and your phone". 

For those of you excited about the various upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets, the chap in the video appears to be using an LG GW910 which Pocket-lint has covered already.

The changes should be apparent now and if you want to make sure that your particular handset is compatible with the new features then you can check it out at

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