New navigation for Pocket-lint - times they are a'changing

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that we've changed the tag shortcuts that we feature in the navigation bar; underneath the logo at the top of the site.

We've done this to not only reflect where the gadget world is going, but where Pocket-lint is going too.

Now, from every page on the site, you can quickly access all the latest news, reviews, features, photos, videos and more on the following subjects:

Audio, Apps, Cameras, Car And GPS, eBook readers, GamingHome Cinema, Internet, Laptops, PhonesPrintersSoftware, Tablets, Televisions, and Toys.

That's not to say the old tags are dead. Far from it. Pocket-lint currently tracks just over 10,000 tags varying from the ones we've listed above to tags on dedicated products.

Each and every tag has a dedicated homepage so you can check all the latest news about your favourite gadget, about your favourite company, or about your favourite subject area.

Want to know about the latest info on Apple? Just type or if MP3 players are more up your street type, and because we've been going for almost 8 years those 10,000 and counting tags have over 40,000 articles waiting for you to check out.

You can check out the full tag list here.